HighOnHelis was started back in 2011 when one of my best friends came visited me at my local flying field with his girlfriend. For a long time, Gage heard me talk about my new hobby, flying RC Helicopters, and wanted to see what I was so excited about in person.

Gage had just been released from jail the week before his visit and was detoxing off whatever drug he had been using. After watching a few of my RC Heli flights, he approached to tell me how proud of me he was. Gage continued telling me that I had always had a hobby, which this hobby keeps you out of trouble, and busy, man look at you "Your HighOnHelis!", not drugs and out doing stupid stuff. Your flying!

A few months later Gage passed away from an asthma-induced heart failure from a drug overdose. After his death, I began to use the #HighOnHelis and this stuck!

HighOnHelis is about the pilots coming together for the pilots! Highonhelis is that feeling you're flying a 12+ pound RC Helicopter 100mph as the heli speeds by in front of you! The feeling you have when the blades make the sounds! The adrenaline that comes when flying these powerful, incredible RC Helicopters!

That's High On Heli's, and I'm very proud to say I'm an RC Helicopter Pilot!

R.I.P Gage Paul Dyke
8.12.91 - 8.20.14

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